About me
Aishwarya Suresh, 8th grader

  • I am an 8th Grader from Springhouse Middle school, Pennsylvania.
  • I play soccer and Violin, In my free time, I like developing a web application that is cool.
  • In the summer of 2018, I volunteered to develop a website for the local Food Bank, while collecting information for that website, I realized that hunger is prevalent in Lehigh Valley and beyond.
  • I am working to build a full-fledged website that creates a one to one relationship between the people who are in need of help and the contributor.
  • My goal is to spread the word, and educate our community about the different places in our country that suffer from hunger, and what we can do to help our community.
  • Mission Today aims to create the network between a donor and a recipient so that the process of giving can be personalized. To start with it list the cause, statistics about hunger and ways people can contribute to end hunger.
  • At school, I am one of the media directors of a food pantry called Parkland Cares [www.parklandcaresfp.org]. This food pantry collects food and stationaries from our neighborhood for students who cannot afford it. Volunteering in an organization, inspired me to create an website to educate people on the food hunger around the world.

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All my post on this website is compilation of work done by others in this field. I have listed the post and the original author/source for the post below.

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